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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Green Challenge and GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Easter everyone! When Angela from the Cottage Magpie challenged the blogging community to post something that is green on their blog, I thought that this was perfect timing to participate in her challenge AND offer my very first giveaway!!

For the "green challenge", I thought I'd post my newly painted family room. I painted it "Camouflage" by Benjamin Moore. It is a greeny-khaki colour. I am at the point with this room where I need to add some artwork, possibly a window treatment and some new pillows. Here are some pictures of where I am "at" with the progress:

Now ignore the TV for a second in this picture. I wanted to show you my windows. I added 2" blinds to these windows:

O.K., now you can look at the TV area. I "just" bought new shelving for the TV area (not shown in previous photo because I took THAT photo a couple of weeks ago):

The shelves, the TV stand and two end tables (not in the picture) cost us a total of $13 out of pocket because we purchased it with our "President's Choice" points (an incentive program offered at Canadian grocery stores). Also, all of it was all on sale and we bought the floor models so we got an extra 10% off. Don't you just love a good deal?!?!

My husband and I had originally purchased all of this because we thought we would alter the shelving/TV stand so that it looks like an entertainment unit and then paint the entire thing white. I am fortunate to have a "handy husband" and we (meaning he) had planned to link all three pieces together at the base, add bead board to entire back (including behind the TV) and add MDF shelving topped with crown mould on the top. As mentioned, we had planned to paint the whole thing white with the goal for it to look like an entertainment unit. It is kind of hard to describe what we are planning on doing so I am giving you a huge "high five" if you are following me at any level right now!! LOL!!! Anyway, the longer it is in my family room, the more I am unsure if we should do this. I am wondering if maybe we should just leave it as it is.

Also, for your interest, here is what the family room looked like before we moved in August:

So, I bet you are wondering about my GIVEAWAY! Here are the details. I am offering a digital photo keykchain that holds up to 60 photos and has a 1.5" LCD screen. You are now welcome to ooooh and ahhhhhh!! I can hear you.....oh yeah!


Here is the catch, in order to participate in my giveaway, you must leave a comment on my blog with a suggestion about what my "next steps" should be to finish this room. You might want to answer one (or all) of these questions or you may have your own suggestion....
Should I add a window treatment? If yes, curtains or valance?
How would you display artwork on the walls?
If you somewhat understand our plans for the wall unit, do you think that we should do this (remember, it will be white, like the fireplace) or do you think we should just leave well enough alone?

Additional Edited Note: I forgot to add that the giveaway contest will run until midnight (EST) March 30, 2008. I will draw one winner and contact you for your address to mail you the key chain.


Tara said...


I'm seeing the walls as an opportunity to introduce a new color in some hanging prints since the walls are a lovely neutral and, actually, so is the fireplace...maybe a red? Something somewhat bold that will bring a cohesive pull to it all? I love the brginnings of this! I am intrigues with what you'll do!

Most of all, have fun!

Blueberry said...

I love what you have done so far with your family room. The colours are cozy and it looks so comfortable. I do not think I would add curtains or a valance as they look like they would get in the way of the little table and chair set. The white shutters look lovely on their own anyway.

I also would leave the new President's Choice furniture in black as it looks great with the mirror frame above the fireplace. I personally like the look of a flat-screen TV on a low console unit without any high pieces beside them. Thus I would move your 2 lovely bookshelves and try then on either side of your fireplace to make that a real focal point of the room.

As far as art goes for the walls I would look at some framed black and white photographs - maybe of landscapes or of places that have some meaning for you both. They are not as expensive as paintings and add such a lovely serene feeling to a room. I would frame them in the classic white mats with black frames (although I would consider white frames as well). If you don't like b/w photos then I would consider something more rustic like a woven rug or wall hanging (see the Jute Tree Wall Hanging from Ten Thousand Villages on-line store for inspiration). The other thing that would look great on your walls is large framed maps - possibly antique of an area that means something to you both (see ebay). Again they are not that expensive. I have seen it done where they had the map enlarged and then framed in 6 frames and hung 3 over 3 - looks fantastic. Above the TV or over the love seat I would put an antique iron grate.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

kari & kijsa

Aimee "Roo" said...

I would put some art on the walls above the couches. Not sure what because I don't know your style, but I love the color you picked!

Oh my on the "before" photo!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I am definitely a "green" person, so I really like the new wall color. :)
And I totally get what you're saying about the entertainment unit...I would paint it white, as well. I don't mind different wood tones in a room, but I like the large pieces to all be the same.

As far as a window treatment...hmmm, that's a hard one. It looks kinda like a hallway and the molding is nice, so I probably wouldn't do anything big. Maybe a valance that sits inside the trim.

I love the seeing the before picture. You've done such a great job so far, I'm sure you'll finish it off beautifully!

Kimberly :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, you are making some great improvements in your room! It looks great so far. It is always a little hard to make decorating suggestions from photos, but I will try. I love the new color. I think I would leave the window as is, at least for now. I would perhaps pull your couch and loveseat a bit closer together (so they are not completely hugging the wall). You will probably just have a few inches behind the sofas (to the wall) since you don't want them too close together. Then next step is I would add a coffee table. Perhaps a round fabric covered ottoman would be nice. Then I would add some lamps, perhaps floor lamps. Now that I am leaving my comment I cannot go back and look at the photo so forgive me if anything I suggest doesn't make sense!

I'd leave the entertainment stuff the original color because I hate to paint (especially trying to cover dark with light) and because I think it looks nice as it is. I try not to spend time on things that already look good. But, if you really want it white then it will look good that way too.

That is about all I can think of right now. Yes, artwork would be nice too. I'd get it cozy and comfortable with lighting and ottoman and then see what else it needs.

Happy giveaway and happy Monday!


K & the J's said...

For artwork go with black frames, yes connect all pieces together on your entertainment center love that idea. Your fireplace came out great and it should be the focal point. Is the wall opposite the window big enough to hold tv etc ?? Then you could reconfigure the funiture (Nate on Oprah calls your current arrangement holding your furniture hostage) put a coffeetable/bench type so you can rest your feet.

Hope I helped !!

chriskauf said...

First of all let me say what a great tranformation, that was one bugly fireplace , now it is a lovely feature.
I love the shelves what a deal, my first thought was to add a shelf or a bridge above the tv, floating , or even those nice moulding ledges( the have nice ones at home depot that come in a package in the mouldings section), for black and white prints , or just a whole collection of plates in that area above the tv , oh all white plates , different shapes and textures that would look nice.
I would add curtains no valance, nice straight panels , creamy white , Ikea has dirt cheap ones and nice lengths, the rod well I think your room would look great with a rod like mine from Home Depot it is a Levelor rod, $60.00 and the finials are white milk glass with the rest being black , the finials look like old door knobs, so pretty , and since you walk into that room they would show well from the side view.
Just move the little table under the window centered when you add curtains, to the floor, nice washable curtains.
Your room would look great with a large oval ottoman , Lee Industries makes beautiful ones.
I will be back I am getting ideas , I want to get you some sources of inspiration.

chriskauf said...

Ok here goes, your lamps are great , Love them ,I suggest you need to hang the mirror because it is reflecting your ceiling and that is not the view you were looking for straight on hung would be better.
I think you should look at the Stockholm coffee table from Ikea , it is a dark metal, round with great shape and interesting legs, you could use it with or without the glass as the shelf, it would stand up well to children and eliminate hard corners of a rect table.I also suggest Hedda Ruta drapes for $49.99 in a natural color they would add some texture and layering, and the rod I earlier suggested,hang it about 3 inches above the trim, at $60.00 , the walls could use something, like black and white print, I know easier said than found or some sconces that have some intrest would look great above the couches off to either side, homesense. You have a great base to work from , you are again well on your way.
There you go there are my recommendations for your lovely room.

restyled home said...

Okay here goes, although I think Chris has covered most of the bases for you...and her taste is impeccable!

I definitely think you need curtains and, like Chris, would like to see them hung halfway between the top of the window trim and the ceiling using a black, beefy rod. Also, they would look best if they hang just at the edge (beyond) the trim, so that the window is still mostly exposed. I think you need to change out that light fixture. Choose something fantastic and it might look nice reflected in the mirror. Over your television, why not hang that star that is on your mantel? It would balance the shelving better (which I would leave as is...great deal, by the way!) and provide a nice, monchromatic touch to that empty space.
I also like the idea of using a round coffee table...especially one with some glass to keep the space from looking too cluttered. I also would suggest some throw pillows in a bold colour to add some fun to the room. Perhaps you could match them to the curtains (colour wise, not pattern wise...that's dull...) or the curtains would also be pretty in a linen colour as well.

Basically, you have done a great job thus far, and anything else is gravy...

Oh yeah...for the walls, why not try to find an architectural piece to add an element of the unexpected to the room? Try scanning the restoration shops that likely are in your area...if you are luckier than me...!!!

I love what you did to your bedroom, by the way!!


Jerusalem said...

OK, I am huge fan of curtains. Full length to the floor curtains. Something with some red in in them perhaps (or other colors from the rug...) Nothing warms up a room like curtains! Above the couch - something big - one big piece - think Movie Poster size or 3 medium pieces hung in a row, the wall needs chunky weight. Do you have Ikea near by? They always have big chunky pieces... Also don't hang things to high,above a couch the bottom of your art should be right above where your head will be when you sit down, and no higher! And yes, paint the TV center white and do all that cool stuff - it will look great!!! Of course these are just my opinions, I am sure whatever you do it will look fab!

Judy said...

Great colour...and such an improvement over the way it was! I would leave the shelves black...they work well with the TV.

Curtains are such a personal choice...but I think side panels on nice rods would look great on your window.

Add some nice art & a coffee table and a floor lamp or two.

My Mission said...

I like the clean feeling your room has and I think you have done a great job so far.
Lighting: Is it possible to get another lamp to balance the one you already have?
Coffee Table: Ideally a round or oval would be good since evrything else has squared/rectangle edges. But for $$ could you pull the two new end tables and put them in the middle of the room. Everything is pushed up against the walls, if thats not a possibility how about putting the childrens table in the middle of the room.
Window Treatments: Depending on your budget I would do either valances or curtains. I would find a fabric that has the carmel color of your floor and couches with some of your wall color and possibly black if you decide not to paint the entertainment center.
Artwork: Bring some personalization to the space and blow up some pictures of your children or you and your husband as children and put in inexpensive matted frames.

Georgie said...

I vote for valances in a red print. I have posted some pictures and comments for you on my blog. I also vote for leaving the TV area as is, with pictures or something hung above the TV. Good luck. It is looking GREAT so far!

Excuse the blog. I'm just learning how to do it. I don't have it down yet, for sure!!

Georgie M

Emily said...

I love it, it's totally gorgeous and classy!

Add a coffee table and some photos on the walls and it'll be simply perfect!

fabulous job!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ok, after emailing I popped back over to take another peek to refresh my memory. Here are a few more thoughts just for fun. I still am hesitating on the curtains because of where the window is in the room. It is difficult to give concrete advice without actually standing in a room, so I offer these suggestions cautiously. The doorway to the room looks fairly narrow and close to the window -- curtains could make it feel a wee bit too crowded right at that point. While the curtains would add softness and coziness, you might find they won't work well there if your daughter is running past them all the time down that hall area.

On the other hand, the added softness could be worth just dealing with it feeling a bit more crowded in that area. And it may not matter much in the grand scheme of the room if that is an insignificant doorway. You can always think about that idea as you get a bit further along in finishing the room.

The consideration with decorating a room isn't always just to add pretty things, it is sometimes adding things that balance a room's features, so the room works as a whole. Because of that, I would take that mirror above the fireplace and put it over the sofa. That would help widen the room and will reflect whatever artwork you place on the opposing wall. It will double the impact of your artwork, square off the room a bit and it would look great there! Just a thought!

Lastly (phew, I'm getting long winded), I think I see a match to that floor lamp across the room. You could put those on either side of the sofa and then just add other lamps for the other side of the room.

Ok, looks like you've had tons of ideas to look over! I hope you will find ideas that work for your room and YOUR style!

Happy day,

BailiwickDesigns said...

I like the idea you have for the entertainment center - with the addition of adding another shelf over the TV itself in the center section. And yes to drapes! Floorlength, maybe a floral or stripe that introduces a little more color into the room, perhaps pulled from the rug. And yes to artwork. has a huge selection and at all different prices. A grouping of four smaller prints looks just as nice as one large print.

I love the wall color - I'm a green girl, too! ::Jill

Lisa said...


That just looks SOOOO much better..
Great job girlfriend!
coastal nest

colorexpert said...

Love the color and all of the helpful advice. You and your friends can stop by and help me answer my reader's color and decorating dilemmas anytime.

I enjoyed all of the entries in Cottage Magpie's Green Roundup so much that I'm adding a post to my blog about it too.

Mrs. B said...

I came over from Cottage Magpie. Your room looks great so far. Lovely wall color! You have beautiful hardwood floors too. I think the shelving looks nice black, but white would be nice too as it would match the fire place and give a really airy look to the room. I did a post looking for suggestions on a room a few days ago if you want to come over and have a look.

disa said...